EFnet #Atheism Ops and Regulars

The following is a list of channel ops, with the more frequent visitors at the top and the less frequent or MIA ops at the bottom.  Below that is a list of channel regulars.  While there are 72 ops, the number of regulars could range from several dozen to over one hundred.  If you are an op or regular and have a homepage that is not listed, let us know!  Who qualifies as a 'regular' is difficult to determine.  Generally, if someone visits at least once per week for two months, or twice per week for one month, or three times per week for three weeks, they can be considered a regular.  Of course, we are lenient on these standards.

Channel Operators:

addison Admiral Aldous Alfisti
allanon Amari Apostasy ariel
Aurigus Awake Azathoth b3kka
Baimei bleu Bonz coug
cygnus DFC Dionysian Endorphin
Ferox Galakewiz Giltweasl glk
hal Halo_Four Interlopr iotian
KaR kaye kim2 Ladyweasl
Lasker Leareth Learning love
Maijstral mavo nero Nixlplix
obtuse phaed Piso portnoy
Rastaban rhy set Shalanda
Shingouki stimuli Tempest Trao
Alladin Bolland bub Darwin
f|sh Gehenna Khepri L-Dopa
LisaLisa Merlock MikeTH pauly
rainboa sacredcow Sony Topten
Wastrel wingnut Zantar Zoot


Some of the Many Regulars:

beag|e BlueLite bRiGhTeYz kerouac_
luet StarFire Nostradms grArot
BiGod_20 Gishie Atheistic Hemlock
FrankZ LrdBrahma Hildigam symatic
Dr-Arcane Bean_ D-Lee Abstruse
BoHemyth freightoi Cygnozan atomx
Zen-1 Hypatian alceste NYHeathen
lucyinsky panini Edvard thin_king
fuquay Darin galamud banda
strife- xNemesiSx lise objekt
piotrr El-Griton ]Cyanide[ karla


This is what I have put together so far. Please let me know if you're not on the list (and qualify!), or your homepage isn't listed.  Sorry if I missed anyone.  You can contact me at efnetatheism@xoommail.com.