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Order ID: 12833
Date: 2012-12-30
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European American Armory - 999044 - European American Armory 999044 Witness P Pistol 9mm DA 3.6in 16rd Black 2 In Stock $274.94 $25.00 $599.88
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Total: $599.88
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Balance: $599.88

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We currently show a remaining balance of $599.88. These items are in stock and will typically ship within 24 to 48 hours after receipt of payment and any required paperwork.

You may log in to our website and pay securely with your credit card by following the instructions above. If you would like to mail a payment, please make it payable to Tombstone Tactical and remit to P.O. Box 5819, Chino Valley, AZ, 86323.

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When in stock, items typically ship within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of payment and all other requirements. On the day your order ships, you will receive an email which will include your invoice, the serial number of the weapon, and the tracking information for your package. This information is also accessible from our website.

FFL Transfer Dealer Required

All firearms and receivers must ship to a licensed firearms dealer in your area. This dealer will process the necessary paperwork to transfer the item to you. Before your firearm can ship, we will need a copy of your local transfer dealer's license.

Please have your chosen dealer fax their license to 928-458-7260 OR email a PDF copy to Please ask your dealer to reference your order ID or your name on their fax or email so we can easily match it to your order.

If you need help locating a local dealer to handle your transfer, we recommend the GunBroker Dealer Network. Enter your zip code and it will show all of the registered dealers near you. This site is not associated with Tombstone Tactical.

Other Important Information

Our pricing reflects a 3% discount for check or money order payments. No other form of payment qualifies for this discount and the 3% will be added to any amount paid via any other method.

Please note that if you are mailing a payment inventory cannot be reserved until payment is received. If an item is no longer in stock when your payment is received, your money will be returned to you. Please contact us to reserve inventory with a credit card on file.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may email us by replying to this message.

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