Joe Devos



9 December 2002


“Alvíssmál” Translation 20 lines


Alviss declared:

            benches spread,

now shall (the) bride with me

set off to home at this time,

rushing into marriage

(it) must appear (to) everyone

at home shall rest begin.


Þórr said:

            What is that man?

Why is (he) so pale about (the) nose?

Were you in (the) night with corpses?

Þursa (you) look (to be).

I think that you are

not to be a bride bearing (bearing/having a bride).


Alviss cried:

            Alviss am I called.

Dwell I beneath earth.

I am under a stone place.

Wagon lord, (or A wagon lord I have come to visit)

I am come to visit.

Break not (the) promises (a) man swears (to).


Þórr declared:

            I shall/must break it,

because I (the) bride am

most controlling as father.

Away from home

I was when your promise (given) was,

but I alone (give this) gift among the gods.


Alviss said:

            What is that warrior

Who claims to make arrangements

for that beautiful-glowing (lady)?


you shall few know (be known by few).

Who has you (with) rings served?