Alvssml English translation from The Elder Edda and the Younger Edda translated

By I. A. Blackwell (1907)


Alvss qva:

Becki breia, The benches they are decking, now shall the bride

nv scal brvr me mer with me bend her way home. That beyond my strength

heim i sinni snvaz; I have hurried will to every one appear: at home naught

hrata vm mgi shall disturb my quiet.

mvn hveriom iccia,

heima scalat hvld nema.



rr qva:

Hvat er at fira? What man is this? Why about the nose art thou

hv ertv sva fa/lr vm nasar? So pale? Hast thou last night with corpses lain? To

vartv i ntt me n? me thou seemst to bear resemblance to the Thursar Thou vrsa lci

icci mer a er vera; are not born to carry off a bride.

ertattv til brvar borinn.



Alvss qva:

Alvss ec heiti, Alvis I am named, beneath the earth I dwell,

by ec fyr ior nean, under the rock I own a place. The lord of chariots I am

a ec vndir steini sta; come to visit. A promise once confirmed let no one

vagna vers break.

ec em a vit kominn;

bregi engi fa/sto heiti fira!



rr qva:

Ec mvn bregda, I will break it; for oer the maid I have, as father,

viat ec brvar a greatest power. I was from home when the promise

flest vm r sem fair; was given thee. Among the gods I the sole giver am.

varca ec heima,

a er er heiti var,

at sa einn er gia/fer me godom.



Alvss qva:

Hvat er at recca, What man is this, who lays claim to power over

er i raom telz that fair, bright maiden? For far-reaching shafts few

flios ens fagrgloa? will know thee. Who has decked thee with bracelets?


ic mvno fair kvnna;

hverr hefir ic ba/gom borit?