...Then goes Bqvarr on his journey to Hleiargars.

He comes to the king's residence.

Bqvarr leads his horse immediately into a stable next to the king's best

horses and asks no-one about it; then he went in the hall and there

were a few men.

He sits down away from them, and when he has sat there a little while hears

some rummaging about further out in the corner some place.

Bqvarr looks there and sees that man's hand come up out of big pile of bones,

which there was very black.

Bqvarr goes there and asks who there was in the pile of bones.

Then to him was answered, and rather timidly, "Hqttr am I called, good fellow."

"Why are you," asks Bqvarr, "or what are you doing?"

Hqttr answers, "I am making a shield for myself, good fellow."

Bqvarr says, "Wretched are you in respect to shields!"


Bqvarr grabs at him and pulls him up out of the bone-pile.

Hqttr cried out at this loudly and said:

"Now you want to kill me!, Do not do this, so as I have now made myself protected,

but you have now broken to pieces my shield, and had I now made

her so high from outside of me, that she has protected me against

all your blows, so no blows have landed on me for a long time,

but not so was she all the same prepared as I intended she should be."

Bqvarr said: "You will not get the shield made any longer."

Hqttr said, "Shall you now kill me, good fellow?"

Bqvarr told him not to behave loudly, took him up then and carried him out

from the hall and to a certain lake which there was in proximity,

and gave little to this attention.

He washed him thoroughly all over.

Then went Bqvarr to that place which he had previously taken,

and places after him Hqtt and sets him there next to him.

But he is so frightened that he trembles on his leg and joint,(knee)

but nevertheless thinks that he understands that this man wants to

help him.

After that evening draws on and the men drift towards the hall and Hrolf's

warriors that Hqttr was placed on the bench up and seems to them that

man have made himself sufficiently bold, who this has undertaken.

A bad look has Hqttr, when he sees his acquaintances, because he has alone bad

from them experienced; he wants to live very much and go back into

his bone-pile, but Bqvarr holds him, so that he gets not away,

because he felt not equally exposed before their blows, if he

were able there to come.

Courtiers maintain now the same custom, and throw at first small bones over

across the floor to Bqvarr and Hattar.

Bqvarr acts as though he sees this not. Hqttr is so afraid that he takes

not food nor drink, and seems to him at every moment as though he

will be hit.

And now speaks Hqttr to Bqvars:

"Good fellow, now comes toward us big knuckle-bone, and will this intend to

us to (do) harm."

Bqvarr told him to desist from speaking (to be quiet). He set to hold lofann

and take so to knuckle-bone and had the legbone with it. Bqvarr sent

after knuckle-bone and set on that man at once to throw, and by rights

straight in his face with such hard force that he was killed (be killed).

Someone is afflicted then great otta fear king's men (courtiers).

Comes now this to King Hrolf and his men up in the hideout(castle/fortress),

that man who is fearsome is coming to (arrived in) the hall and has

killed one of his henchmen, and will they get to kill this man. The king

asks whether the henchman had been innocently struck.

"it was close to that(practically)" they said.(said them)

From that comes King Hrolf's the whole truth about this. King Hrolf said

that by no means was it urgently unecessary to kill this man.

Have taken up a bad habit, throwing bones at innocent men. on me it is dishonor,

and on you is it shame, to bring such a thing. Have I repeatedly root

(emphasized)all over this before, and (has no one here given me any

attention)have you here that no one attention give, and think I that this

man will not be of very small importance or power, which you have now

attacked; and summon him to me, so that I may know who he is.

Bqvarr went before the king and declared himself pleasantly.

The king asked him his name (for his name).

"Hott's friend called am I by your henchmen(retainers), but Bqvarr am I named."

The King said, "what kind of compensation will you offer me for my retainer(henchman)?"

Bqvarr answers,"to this happened him, as he obtained."

The King said, "Will you be my man and occupy his seat?"

Bqvarr answers, "not refuse to be your man(person), and will not be

part from each other so buit, with Hqttr, and both placed closer to you,

either and(but)these it has sit(than this man), otherwise we both go from


The king said, "I see no honor in him, but no withholding and value do I place on


Bqvarr went now to this space which pleased him, but not willing him that

occupied his space have before. He pulled up a certain place three men,

and then set he and Hqttr there down and further out(closer to he king)

in the hall than they had been assigned. Somewhat thought the people

hard to deal with in relation to Bqvarr, and they were greatly

worried by him.

And then it came close to Yule(yuletime), the men in that place became

uneasy/gloomy. Bqvarr asked Hqtt what this meant; he said to him that

a beast have come there two winters in succession, large and horrible.

And it has wings on its back and fly (fljuga)generally. Two autumns it has now

here, to this place visited and gone(done) great damage. On it pierce

not weapons(weapons do not pierce it), and the king's champions come

not here(the king's champions do not come here/return here/come back),

those which are greatest of all."

Bqvarr said, "This hall is not so well manned that I think(as I thought), if

one wild beast(animal) shall here lay waste realm and livestock

the king's."

Hqttr said, "That it no wild beast(animal), rather(instead) it that greatest


Now comes Yule-eve. Then speaks the king:

Now I desire that that all men be calm and quiet tonight, and I forbid any of

my men to go in any danger in connection with the animal, and livestock

will go after because I will not lose my men.

They all promised about this, to do after the king had asked.

Bqvarr stole away in the night; he let Hottr go with him, and he went that

unwillingly, and declared himself steered to death. Bqvarr said better

will (it)turn out. They left away from the hall, and had to be forced

by Bqvarr carried Hottr, so frightened was he.

Now see that animal, and it next shouted Hqttr as loud as him can and express

animal would swallow him. Bqvarr asked the bitch these to be silent

and threw him down on the moss, and there, in that place lay him and

not all together unafraid, and not thorir him either to approach. Now

goes Bqvarr to meet the animal; that happens to him, in sword is

hard in his scabbard, he is wanting to move it. Bqvarr urged now his

hard(stuck) sword and there is movement in the scabbard, and now he

managed to draw a sword from out of the scabbard, and bone immediately

underneath shoulder animal(beast) and so hard at immediately it stuck in

its heart, and fell the animal(beast)to the ground dead down. After that

he goes(will) to where Hqttr lays. Bqvarr picks up and strikes his to

where animal(beast) lays down. Hqttr shakes violently. Bqvarr says:

"Now you shall drink (the)blood of the animal(beast)."

He is for a long time reluctant, but even so thorir(did?) he indeed nothing else.

Bqvarr let(forced) him drink two large mouthfuls; he made him and eat a

bit of animal's heart. After that took Bqvarr to his and not expect there

with for a long time. Bqvarr said:

"Exceedingly are now strong have become, and not expect that I you be afraid of from

now on and not you."

"Well am then become, Hqttr friend," says Bqvarr. "Let us now go up to it and raise

up the animal(beast) so um(meaningless adverbial particle) that men think

that it must be quick(alive).

They did now so. After that come them home and keep quiet, and think not any men what

they have to be busy with.

The King asks in the morning what they knew to the animal(beast), whether it has in

any way to that place visited in the night. To him was said that livestock

all was safe in pen(fold) and unhurt. The king made his men find out whether

any could be seen signs of that had home come. Watchmen did so and came

quickly after and said to the king that the beast was going there and somewhat

at great speed that castle. The king made his henchmen(retainers) be now

valiant and be of use now which to the extent that he has mind to, and be

of monster this; and so was done, asthe king made, in their preparations

oneself to this. The king looked at the beast(animal) and said then:

"No one is I movement in the beast(animal), but who will now take reward for and

approaching to meet it?"

Bqvarr said, "It is exceptionally bold man cure for curiousity. Hqttr friend, clear

yourself of slander in which men give as one's opinion(say about you), as

though not any valour or valour will there be. Faru now and kill the

beast. You can see that no one else is very eager."

"Yes," said Hqttr, "I shall undertake to(do) this."

The king said, "I did not know where from this boldness is in you coming, Hqttr, and

large begin about you changed in short period of time."

Hqttr said, "Give to me the sword 'Goldenhilted', that you hold on to, and I shall

cause to fall the beast(animal)or be killed."