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 [Dietweas.jpg Weasel-lite image] The Giltweasel Magazine

 [Picture of Nicole, Tyche, Ukko, and Becky] The weasel business.

Here are some personal links and family members. I'm not related to a lot of technically oriented people.

Some musicprogram shenanigans!!! My brother on the web!
Gibson Galleries. This is the website of the Racer X of my childhood.
The Weasel nuclear unit. Some pictures taken throughout 2001.
Links to My Gear,Other Stuff, and The Big Index.

Places I have gone to school or flunked out.
East Central College. aka Easy Credit College.
University of Missouri-Columbia. A wonderful place to lose yourself in conformity. Also a great place to feel like a statistic and flunk all your classes.
Columbia College. My true Alma Mater. I actually graduated from this place in July 2001 with a B.A. in English and a B.A. in History. College Lite.

Saint Louis University. And their English department in which I am now pursuing some sort of graduate work.
A List of Logical Fallacies. For your information. I intend to eventually post a basic guide to making valid and sound arguments. Give me some time.
ALVISSMAL. Old Norse stuff.
Pics of my Hot Rod!! Yes, that is a knife in the milk crate. And no, it's not any of your business.
Kar's webpage. He was kind enough to loan me the space for this page. Another IRC buddy.
Matt in Portland. A friend from school and his photography stuff.
This is Tony in Tempe. A 17+ year friend from the net and his stuff(when it works).
EFnet #atheism Homepage. An IRC channel I frequent.
mIRC homepage. A good piece of software for IRC access.
I'm on EFnet #poetry #atheism #bible #christian-discussion #guns #libertarian #hamradio #hamradio2 #photography #motorcycles #sailing and #cnc.


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