ALVÍSSMÁL and other Old Norse stuff

alviss.html Transcription One.
alviss2.html Transcription Two.
alvissmal.txt Transcription txt 1.
alvissmal2.txt Transcription txt 2.
alvissmal3.txt Transcription txt 3.
Alviss Declares.htm My translation of the first 20 lines of Alvissmal.
Alvíssmál_English_Translation_I.A.Blackwell.htm I.A. Blackwell Alvissmal translation from 1907.
alvissmal_bib.htm Annotated Bibliography of selected Alvissmal sources.
McKinnell.htm Crappy annotation of "Myth as therapy: The Usefulness of Thrymskvitha.".
skaldskaparmal.txt Skaldskaparmal translation.
Hrolf's.htm Hrolf's Kraki Saga translation.
Hrolf's.txt Hrolf in *.txt.
paradigm.txt A few nouns and verbs.

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