Equipment and Gear

First things first.

Directory of some basic Preparedness notices. First thing in this directory is the note to the family about basics. I'll expand this section as things get squared away.

Gear I'm considering or have already purchased for the purpose of kicking ass!!!

Charles 803 still files. This has the instructions(in pdf) and blueprints(in jpg) of the ethanol still that I'm planning to build. This can be used as an alternative fuel, as detailed at Robert Warren's Still page.

Biosand water filters. Non-electric manual water filtration that requires no power and is very common around the world.

Pricing. Various sizes and costs of models being offered.

CAWST-Steel-Mould12pages.pdf PDF file of construction plans for one of these biosand filters.

Manual for Ethanol as a fuel source. Circa 1980 information.

Radio stuff. Some of the products I'm looking at and some of the online discussions I'm having about it.

Rations stuff. These are vendors for various MRE and emergency food products I'm considering.

Emergency seed stuff. These are vendors for various seed packages for starting a "Victory" type garden.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Smith and Wesson 340PD

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **EAA Witness Compact 10mm

Places nearby where I like to hang out. Maps and overhead images.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Areas of Operation

Two Sheep Parables

The Parable of the Sheep By Charles Riggs.
The Good Shepherd By Oleg Volk.

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