These vendors provide package collections. offers a 16 variety emergency seed pack for a decent price. I would like to try this one out for a couple of years to see how much germination success the seeds will have after their special packaging.

Ark Institute seeds This is a source for a larger assortment and variety of seeds. They also have a smaller package for a bit cheaper. I was just shown this link on a discussion forum so I have no experience with them, but I'll be making an order and putting this package through the same germination tests.

These are the main vendors for seeds, trees, and bulbs I stick with.

Seed Savers A good selection of exotic seeds and instruction literature.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds This place is fairly close to me, being in southern Missouri. They also host monthly heirloom variety seed and vegetable shows with a pioneer village theme. Cool stuff!

Stark Brothers Nursery This "local area" site offers fruit and landscaping trees and a good deal of equipment dealing specially with orchards and nurseries.

Richters Herb Catalog Source for nearly every herb you could want. They have hops, saffron, mandrake, etc. The whole witchcraft pantry is represented here. If they don't have it, you don't need it. Unfortunately they're in Canada, so some items have restrictions.

Trees of Antiquity A California based nursery that deals with special purpose, historic, and exotic species. There might not be as much "Victory" garden utility in some of their products, but there might be some unspoken usefulness for many of them. Their catalog is still an interesting read.

Historic Tree Nursery There are some interesting historical cuttings you can get from this place. Again, the utility is questionable but you might be able to rationalize their purchase for other reasons.

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