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I have my Amateur Radio General License, and I'm a member of the ARRL.
My equipment needs are modest compared to some, but since my wife and oldest daughter are hams too, as a family we probably have more equipment than I would want individually.

I like Yaesu products. I have 2 VX170 handhelds for UHF work on the local repeater.
I use the FT-1802M mobile for up to 50W mobile and base operation on 2 meters.
For HF, general listening, and as my main use radio I have an FT-817ND With consideration of its 5W output limit this radio does pretty much everything.
I would like to get an FT-857D for higher power use as my all-around radio, and I think I'd also like a VX-7R, or jumping ship temporarily to Kenwood, I'd also like to try a TH-F6A handheld.
It seems like either of these two multi-band/multi-function handhelds would fill a lot of roles in my preparations.

For other purposes I do think GMRS has some value. If you can equip a neighborhood or C.E.R.T. group with these, they'll be better off than with nothing. GMRS faq.
There is plenty of information here and links at the top to other Citizen's band information. Some of the stuff on this page is old as they haven't updated in a couple years.
Still, it's a good basic primer for GMRS info.

This is a link to the Amateur radio bands and their uses.

This is a link to the FCC U.S. Frequency Allocations chart. Not for the faint of heart.

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