duro- shot himself in the ass!!!

1st edit: in deference to duro-, who got butthurt from all the namecalling, 
I've edited this directory so he won't feel so bad about being a fuckup.

2nd edit: more details are in. duro- shot himself in his livingroom. Apparently he doesn't
know how the gun works. He was cleaning it at home. It was loaded, and "stiff", so he played with it a bit.
He broke rules 1, 2, 3 and 4, and this is what happens when poor genetics meet a lack of experience.

3rd edit: November 15, 2009. It's been a little over 2 weeks I think. duro- says the Dr. thinks he has
90% chance/need to get his pinky and part of his hand amputated. It's unfortunate that duro- is left-handed,
as now he'll have to learn to play with himself with his off-hand. 

Anyway, these pics are pretty self-explanatory but here are the details:
[duro001.jpg first pic of duro-'s stupidity]
[duro002.jpg second pic of duro-'s stupidity]
[duro003.jpg third pic of duro-'s stupidity]

duro- shot himself with a Springfield XD 9mm.
These pics are the result.

Congratulations, dumbass!

duro speaks!!
<duro-> i didnt know barney frank was homosexual

November 12, 2009
[09:39:34] <duro-> donate to the get well fund
[09:39:45] <duro-> just a few bucks
[09:41:40] <duro-> paypal to ehettinger@gmail.com
He's managed to get a few people to contribute so far. Consider it a public service. Instead of donating your tax dollars to some unknown welfare cheat, you can help out a retard you know personally. $5-$10 will go a long way to help curing his butthurt. November 15, 2009 [15:07:44] <duro-> doc says it's going to cause permanent pain [15:07:51] <duro-> in th elong run [15:07:53] <duro-> and also [15:08:01] <duro-> will get in the way [15:08:06] <duro-> won't be able to move it [15:08:10] <duro-> or anything [15:08:17] <duro-> if you wanna make fun of me some more [15:08:25] <duro-> theres some more ammo [15:08:27] <@GiltDad> will do [15:08:29] <@GiltDad> editing now [15:09:00] <duro-> go to hell [15:09:04] <duro-> fat piece of shit [15:09:24] <duro-> i hope you get mangled in a car wreck [15:09:28] <duro-> karma is a bitch [15:10:35] <duro-> actually [15:10:50] <duro-> i;ll just take your site down He then proceeded to threaten some poor guy in Arizona. We have received other claims that duro- is the same guy that shot his computer monitor a few months back while playing with another gun. We think it was with a hi-point carbine and he subsequently sold it, to avoid reminding himself of all his FAIL. It should be apparent that this guy shouldn't be in possession of firearms in the first place, but it is a free country. New stuff... [21:36:10] <duro-> gf is moving out [21:36:18] <duro-> want to put that in your report [21:36:19] <duro-> gilt [21:36:26] <duro-> maybe get some laughs [21:36:29] <duro-> at my expense December 2, 2009 [13:07:55] <duro-> right now i cant really move my hand [13:07:58] <Monty5> As they should [13:08:01] <duro-> or the new skin that's growing [13:08:02] <duro-> will tear [13:08:06] <Monty5> Does it itch yet? [13:08:13] <duro-> it's all trying to blend in with the old skin [13:08:16] <duro-> kind of a mess [13:08:17] <duro-> no [13:08:29] <Monty5> Whenever I have new skin grow on a wound it itches bad [13:08:36] <duro-> on the weekends i may drive into nyc [13:08:42] <duro-> and do a little injured vet gig [13:08:45] <duro-> for donations [13:08:48] <Monty5> hahah [13:08:56] <Monty5> that's terrible [13:08:57] <duro-> jig [13:08:58] <duro-> rather [13:09:12] <duro-> yeah [13:09:13] <Monty5> evil thing to do [13:09:17] <duro-> that's what i'll tell people [13:09:23] <duro-> piece of shrapnel hit me [13:09:25] <duro-> in the sandbox [13:09:26] <Monty5> ugh [13:09:29] <duro-> from an ied [13:09:39] <Monty5> That's as bad as displaying a fake purple heart and stuff [13:09:47] <duro-> heh [13:09:47] <Monty5> awful awful [13:09:49] <duro-> can't hurt [13:09:52] <Monty5> heh [13:09:54] <Monty5> you'll go to hell for it [13:10:00] <duro-> why? [13:10:06] <Monty5> Jesus will be like 'you scumbag' [13:10:11] <duro-> i fought protecting our country [13:10:14] <Monty5> hah [13:10:14] <duro-> and was injured [13:10:20] <Monty5> well [13:10:33] <Monty5> Just don't say in what war I guess [13:10:36] <duro-> i'm going to see if i can register my dog as a service dog December 18, 2009 [15:55:11] <duro_> please donate [15:55:17] <duro_> in order to make jokes [15:55:28] <duro_> 5 dollars goes a long way

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